Chrysalis House uses a multi-disciplinary team approach led by a professional therapists specializing in the integrated treatment of substance abuse and mental health disorders. Other members of the treatment team include a case managers, registered nurse, domestic violence counselor, housing coordinator and a job readiness coordinator.

On admission, each woman receives a thorough assessment of her particular needs. Working together, the woman and her treatment team develop a comprehensive treatment plan incorporating goals and objectives for treatment. Many of the goals for treatment rely on partner agencies such as those who address physical health difficulties.

During approximately six months in residential treatment, the woman and her treatment team work toward completing treatment goals and objectives through individual therapy, group therapy, psycho-educational courses, peer mentoring, twelve-step involvement, and community volunteerism.  After completion of the majority of the items on the treatment plan and with adequate resources to support herself and her children, the woman is transitioned to independent living. Services continue for approximately an additional year through individual and group therapy and case management as needed. 

Substance dependent women who enter Chrysalis House tend to range in age from 24-38, though women as young as 18 may be admitted with no maximum age. Generally, the women are low-income, have limited education and job experience, have backgrounds which include victimization, have one or more co-occurring mental health conditions, and are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Many are pregnant or postpartum and have limited access to health services.


Substance abuse is highly correlated with violence against women as both a contributing factor as well as a debilitating effect. The Domestic Violence program fits within the Chrysalis House philosophy of a comprehensive treatment approach and provides a unique and significant role within the state and country, allowing for education and empowerment, as well as safety and sobriety to be addressed.


Basic Skills: Chrysalis House women have varying degrees of abilities and each class is tailored to meet each of their needs. If a woman has not finished her high school education, she is encouraged to earn her GED. GED tutoring is offered in each subject by community volunteers. The women also participate in basic and advanced computer skills training.

Job Club: Each woman is prepared for entry into the work force. Volunteers and staff from partnering agencies conduct mock interviews in preparation for job interviews.

Vocational Services: Each woman is assessed on her job interest and aptitude so she can be matched with a job that fits her skill set. Chrysalis House provides placement assistance, and has partnerships with area employers. The job readiness coordinator has developed relationships with organizations which will provide services and/or employment opportunities to Chrysalis House women. These include the University of Kentucky STEPS program, Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, MANPOWER, Professional Women’s Forum, God’s Closet, and Sullivan College.


Wellness programming for substance dependent women is imperative for overall recovery. Women are typically admitted into Chrysalis House in a debilitated emotional and physical state, often with few life skills. Chrysalis House will provide the necessary medical and dental care. In addition, the women are offered a chance to engage, grow and thrive through cultural activities.  They are educated about proper nutrition and given the opportunity to cook with fresh fruits and vegetables.  They are reaping the benefits of exercise, relaxation techniques and gardening activities which foster a sense of pride and accomplishment.


Chrysalis House offers an After School Program and Summer Day Camp for the children whose mothers are currently residing on-site and undergoing substance abuse treatment or are graduates of the program. Chrysalis Children’s program serves elementary school age (5-11) children.  The Children’s program places emphasis on cultural, educational, and prevention activities for the high risk children that attend. The facility is licensed as a Type I childcare center and KY ALLSTARS.

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