Chrysalis Community Art Garden

Lexington volunteers and local artist Jim Embry led the effort to establish the Chrysalis Community Garden. The children and their mothers planted a garden that includes two fruit trees, vegetables, and flowers. The Chrysalis House Children were involved in every development stage of the garden. They helped design its layout, haul and lay mulch, plant the seeds, create the art that is displayed throughout the garden, weed the garden, and eventually harvest the fruits, vegetables, and flowers. The garden has given the children great pride and ownership knowing that this is their beautiful garden.

 The garden project is incorporated into weekly lesson plans. The children practice their handwriting and language arts skills by writing stories about the garden, exercise their math skills when tabulating the amount of seeds for the given garden space, and study how and what makes plants grow.  The children take many of the vegetables and flowers home. Their mothers are provided healthy recipes that are kid-friendly so they can prepare the vegetables together for dinner.

 The purpose of this project is grounded in the belief that planting and caretaking of a garden fosters understanding and appreciation of the earth and all living things.  The project creates connections with nature and outdoor exercise through gardening. It improves knowledge of and sense of responsibility to the environment.