Chrysalis News

The Chrysalis House, Inc. has collaborated with the University of Kentucky Center on Drug and Alcohol Research (CDAR) on a number of federally funded projects over the past 15 years. Chrysalis House offers a variety of innovative and unique programs for substance abusing women and their children, which make them a viable applicant for a number federal grants and a valuable partner in on-going research initiatives at CDAR.

The following highlights demonstrate positive outcomes achieved by Chrysalis House programs in recent years:



Finding/Grant Support

Reduced substance use Treatment outcomes indicate that 100% of Chrysalis House parenting, pregnant, or post-partum clients reported reductions in the number of days of alcohol and drugs used in the past 30 days.  (CSAT Grant #TI-16863; CSAT Grant #TI 019570).
Increased employment An increased percentage of clients in multiple projects have reported working full-time at the 6 month follow-up compared to baseline. (CSAT Targeted Capacity Expansion Grant #1 H79 TI12414; CSAT Targeted Capacity Expansion Grant #H79TI13519).
Reduced mental health symptoms Chrysalis House’s effort to deliver an integrated approach to treatment is evidenced by the majority of clients reporting reductions in the number of days experiencing mental health problems, as well as standardized mental health severity scores, from baseline to follow-up.  (CSAT Grant #TI-16863; CSAT Targeted Capacity Expansion Grant #1 H79 TI12414; CSAT Targeted Capacity Expansion Grant #H79TI13519).
Increasing community service linkages Chrysalis House is a valued partner in the network of health and mental health services for women and their children.  Through utilization of a number of service linkages to community health agencies and the University of Kentucky Hospital and College of Dentistry, a higher percentage of participants reported favorable physical health at 6-month follow-up compared to baseline measures. (CSAT Grant #TI-16863).
Increased permanent housing Chrysalis House is unique in its commitment to encourage women to seek permanent housing following treatment.  Evaluation findings indicate that a higher percentage of clients report living in their own place at follow-up compared to baseline.  (CSAT Grant #TI-16863).


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