Information on PREA

The Kentucky Department of Corrections mandates zero tolerance toward all forms of sexual abuse and sexual harassment by staff working with individuals who are ordered to treatment who may otherwise be incarcerated and among all clients in treatment who may otherwise be incarcerated. The mandate, known as PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act, Public Law 108-79) was enacted by Congress to address the problem of sexual assault in all US incarceration facilities. PREA supports the elimination, reduction and prevention of sexual assault/rape within our prisons, community corrections centers and local jails. Chrysalis House also complies with the regulations of PREA to ensure the safety of those we serve. Click for Chrysalis House’s PREA Policies.

If you have knowledge of a PREA violation that has occurred at Chrysalis House, you may report it to the PREA Compliance Officer, Tonya Jernigan, LCSW at 859-977-2507 or call the PREA hotline at 1-833-362-7732.

Click on the link below to view Chrysalis House’s Annual PREA Reports.

Click here for Chrysalis House’s latest PREA Audit Report.

Click here for the Final Report for PREA audit, conducted September 2019.